Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fabric, Fabric, Fabric EVERYWHERE!

On Tuesdays my two precious munchkins go to Daycare, they love it!  They can't wait to get up, get dressed, have breakfast, put their shoes on and get in the car!  It's about the only days we don't have to ask them to do anything twice.  So while they are away I do the housework...I know, boring!  But it has to be done, and it is so much more pleasant, easier and faster without Mummy's little helpers.  The tradeoff for doing the housework in the morning is that I get to do whatever I want in the afternoon...sewing, of course! 

Well, today...my birthday present arrived in the post at 10.30am...Fabric from Spoonflower!!!!! I KNOW!  Drool, drool, drool...how am I ever going to get any work done now?????  For those of you who haven't heard of Spoonflower they custom print fabric on demand.  Yep, you can design your own, or as I did, cheat and buy other people's beautiful designs.  Each designer will even get a portion of the amount you pay for any of their designs you purchase.  What a great idea.

I'm in heaven, aren't they just divine :-) Happy, happy girl! Happy Birthday to me!!! This is what Mr C gave me for my birthday, took me till February to choose it, and March to receive it, but boy am I happy!!!!

I'm going to spend the afternoon washing, drying and preparing them for each of their projects.  Yes, I brought each piece with something in mind...that's why it took me sooooo long to get them.  Any excuse to just touch them, I am in heaven. I can't pick an absolute favourite I love them all for the projects I have in mind. I do LURVE the two yards of bamboo cotton it is sooooo soft, with beautiful drape and the big pink peonies are heaven, I'm thinking either a simple dress as the fabric is quite wide or a soft flowy, ruffley top...hhmmmmmmmmmm.

Hope you enjoy drooling over these as much as me.

The two above are two yards each of the softest bamboo cotton, just heaven.  These are large scale prints.  I plan on making some lovely, flowy, ruffley tops.

The three in the forefront are samples 8"x8", I thought I could make a glasses case with the middle one (very kitsch) and tissue cases out of the left, and maybe some zip purses from the right sample.  The one at the back is a FQ and is the most darling print.  Thought I might make a clutch purse.
This is the 100 Dreams Patchwork Twirly Dress by Monique Daly, just love this.  Have three yards, and each yard is printed with the pattern to make the dress for a little girl.  I am making them as birthday presents for my niece and dear friend's little girls.  Can't wait to get started, this afternoon! 
These are all FQs.  Starting from top left is a treasure map, I'm going to make these as pillows for my boys beds, we can talk about them when they are going to sleep and imagine far off lands, will be fun.  The next piece will be little zip purses, as will be the Wizard of Oz print, too sweet.  And the Car print will be a lunch bag for my oldest boy, we are making them at the March Sewing Guild meeting.
The Yard on the left are dolls, how awesome, what a great design.  The piece on the right, I adore, and I'm not sure yet exactly what to make...will let you know.

This is an old envelope that has been scanned in.  Gorgeous!  I'm going to make a pillow for my craft room.

Well that's it.  Hope you enjoy!



  1. Deb, not as good as sitting around the table having a tea party with beautiful china and eating tiny delicious cakes and drooling over fabric together, but close enough if you have to live so far away.
    Love you heaps, looking forward to your next instalment xx

  2. Receiving your parcel would have made you work all the faster at getting your housework done just so you could enjoy them this afternoon.

    You almost make me want to get out my sewing machine with those lovely fabrics and idea's...
    but alas I don't have that same enthusiasm for sewing as I did all those years ago spending every spare moment at my machine mainly out of neccessity.

    I would much rather be out in the fresh air and sunshine with my new found hobby of photography.

    Mind you, you can make some of those above mentioned articles for your darling mother any day.

    Your loving mum oxox's

  3. Hey Deb
    I'm absolutely drooling over your beautiful fabrics! You've inspired me to start sewing for fun again!!! I've already got designs for 3 new quilts in my head, just busting to get out!!! Bring on my RDO so I can start cutting, cutting, cutting!
    Keep the instalments coming...
    Big hugs, Sal xo