Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It was a Monster Bash

XMan turned five this year!  I know, we all say it 'Where did the time go?'.  It's so true that time just flies, especially when you're having fun; and we generally do.  As five year olds do he wanted to host a 'Zombie Party' - aahh that would be a NO!  So we compromised and came up with a 'Monster Bash'.  Not the ghoulish kind - the cute, cuddly and slightly offbeat kind.

And so a request was made for Monster costumes, no zombies allowed!  And I'll admit they do look a little 'Dinosaury' but I couldn't resist the foiled jersey when it jumped out at me.  XMan picked the disco sequinned fabric in green for his costume and red for his brother's, their favourite colours.

So I fankenpatterned a few patterns together to create a pair of pants and a hooded raglan long sleeve tee.  Really any pants and hoodie pattern would do.  I just cut down the middle of the hood and back pattern pieces and included a seam allowance, so I could insert all the dragon spines and sew it back up.  I made a tail for each but seriously, after all my efforts they had them on for all of oh, five minutes!!!
I basically used tutorials from Pinterest for the dinosaur hoodie how to and this one for the dinosaur tail inspiration.

The party was a great success and all the little monsters had a great time.  Grandma was visiting and set up a spooky spectacular photo booth.  Which was really just a piece of black calico as the backdrop, shredded organza for spiders webs and spooky cut out eyes sourced from Google Images.  We made the spiders from pipe cleaners and Chupa Chups - needless to say the kids weren't scared of them and they got gobbled up pretty quickly.  And XMan got the opportunity to be a zombie for part of the party!!!!
It was lucky the party went ahead at all.  My husband was away and as usual I was trying to do too much and all though my Mum and I worked fairly consistently all week on party related items, it was still a rush.  It didn't help that XMan woke up on the Friday with an upset tummy and given he'd just been in hospital for vomiting for MrT's birthday party only two weeks before - a whole other story - I thought I would keep him home and let him rest up for his party...wrong move! 
Whilst I was hurriedly trying to decorate the cake before school pick up time, so we could all have a relaxing family night without party preparation, XMan got his finger stuck in a Nerf gun!  He'd obviously had it stuck in there a while before he started screaming as his finger was already swollen and purple and wasn't budging - no matter the ice, oil or soap used!!!
It is the third time I have had to ring the ambulance, and of course, only since I have had children - Boys!  They were great and suggested, as we were only five minutes away and he was able to travel, to take him to the Fire Station as they have instruments for cutting.  After a horror drive of screaming, they were extremely helpful and had it cut off within five minutes without damage to XMan or his finger, happy days!  Ha ha, bad mother, he's still in his pyjamas and it's after lunch!
Love my boys, think we'll have birthday parties off site next year so Mummy can have a rest!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kids shorts workout

So, I'm back!  After a blogging hiatus, after only a short introduction, I have been induced by the amazing and awe inspiring creative blogging community to start sharing my own creativity, again. So, without all the blah blah blah let's talk about the fun stuff? Yes? YES!

Have you seen the Kids Short Pattern by the amazing Dana?  Do you have children who outgrow shorts, hell clothing!, in the blink of an eye... Yes, me too!  Then you should do yourself a favour and check out these babies.  And she has all these great tutorials on simple ways to change them up.  I really am a      fan and so are my boys!

I made the racer shorts version first and really, I'll let the pictures do the talking.  The boys couldn't wait to get them on and head off to the park on their bikes!  I know we live in Brisbane, Australia and we don't really entertain a winter, for us though this afternoon was cool - overcast, rainy and really a little bleak.  However the sun did try to shine and we were all so active we didn't even feel the cool.  They
really put those shorts through their paces and told me they were comfortable and even 'Stayed up Mummy!'.  (Just between you and I, XMan, the youngest has trouble keeping his pants on due to a 'no bottom' issue - lucky I sew!)

XMan had a small accident on the way home and his older brother, MrT, came to his aid as the ambulance man.  Ever the goose, he continued to cheer his little brother up by faking his own accident.  They really do love each other.  The obligatory weed, ahem - flower - picking ensued and the song and lyrics  'How sweet it is to be loved by you' always comes to mind.  A gorgeous afternoon making memories.

So, what's next?  Have you seen the April Rhodes Staple Dress? Well, it's half taped together sitting under my iPad as I'm typing.  Better run, need to finish tracing before I head off for school pick up - less than an hour!