Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Sewing First

Yesterday, I attended my first ever Australian Sewing Guild event! I have joined the SewMuch2Sew arm of the Guild in Albany Creek. We meet every fourth Saturday of the month and pretty much it's a bunch of ladies who love to sew, talk, eat and drink tea and coffee! Yesterday, I though I had died and gone to heaven! I arrived at 9am and sewed blissfully till lunch, and then till three! Of course, I took projects that I had sewn before and I took three, only to be halfway through the first at the end of the day! I always plan too much and am disappointed when I don't meet my almost 40 you'd think I'd learned this about myself by now!! But, alas, NO! The ladies were all lovely and in two weeks time I'm off to a Guild Industry Day at Capalaba. Not sure what I'm in for but it sounds like fun. And I found out yesterday that in June they are have a two night getaway to Bribie Island for $100, covering accommodation and food!!! Wow, and apparently the ladies from the CWA (Country Womens Association for those not in the know) do all the cooking and they feed well. So it sounds like a weekend of excess that I really don't want to miss out on. So I put it to 'Mr C' last night and he said...go for it! Love that man, he'll have the boys for the weekend...woohoo! So anyhow, I got home yesterday and was all inspired to finish my dress before bed time. Ha, after a barbecue and two glasses of red wine, I ironed my dress in preparation for the zip to go in...and realised I was way too tired for the stress of putting a zip in and called it a night. It's lunch time Sunday and we have just said goodbye to our dear friend Fi and her two boys and I could be putting the zip in my, I'm sitting in front of the computer typing...having a much needed cup of tea and some quiet time while my two darlings are having their nap. Oh, by the way, this is my first ever blog and first ever blog session...hopefully I will learn fast and don't break any unread blog ethics, if I do, please let me know. Love to hear from anyone interested in reading my humble little blog. Promise to get the photos happening in the next post. Stick around for some fun. Talk soon Darby

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