Friday, September 13, 2013

C is for...

Cuddles and Coastal Cargos, of course!!!  Thanks to Melissa of Blank Slate Patterns for designing this fabulous pattern, I managed to pull off two pairs of awesome looking and fitting pants!
The Coastal Cargos are an intermediate level sewing pattern.  That said, I didn't find them hard and with Melissa's instructions I was able to pull off my first successful welt pockets and fly zipper - two things I have avoided or failed at in the past.  With two growing boys I decided it was time to roll up my sleeves and get serious!
I love the detail on these which includes welt pockets and fly zipper, as already mentioned, as well as back elastic casing, slash pockets at waist, cargo pockets, button tubs for rolling up on hot Queenslander days, belt loops AND last but most importantly bias tape finished seams!  I love this detail, not only does it look cool it means there are no raw edges to worry about when you roll them up!!!  As I said, these weren’t hard but they were fun and interesting to sew and will be fave’s in my boys cupboards no matter the weather, and let’s face it in Australia it is more Summer than any other season, ‘beautiful one day, perfect the next!’
MrT is 6 and at 125cm tall and 25kg, he’s a big six year old.  I made him a size 7 and to be honest, next time I’ll be making him a size 8, and quickly before he outgrows the pattern, which finishes at size 8.  I didn’t take into account his ‘cherry bottom’ and I will need to add some extra in that area for next time.  His brother, XMan, is just 12months younger and at 110cm and 16kg, he easily fit a size 4 and needed me to reduce the back elastic by an extra 5cm or 2 inches for the pants to stay up, he’s soooo petite in comparison.  It always astonishes me how different my two boys are!  I omitted the zip fly on XMan's, mainly because he can't really use one yet and his hips are certainly not bigger than his waist.  I followed Melissa's 'How to Sew a Mock Fly' tutorial, it turned out great.
Because I sew I don't get hung up about size, but I always check the measurements carefully.  I ummed and aahed abou the 8 for MrT and should have gone up the size, I mean he is growing and even if they are slightly big now it won't be long and they'll fit pefectly and then, before you know it, they are too small.  I guess I'm lucky that most of my handmade clothes go through two kids, it makes me happy that they get some extra love, if they aren't worn out by the first!!!


The boys chose their own fabric.  I love that they call it ‘fabric’ too and they correct people when they say ‘material’!  I wonder if I do that??? Oops.  XMan the youngest, in the yellow, loves coming fabric shopping and strokes it and oohs and aaahs, I’m teaching him well!  He chose the yellow because it makes him happy.  Why else would you choose fabric???  It is cotton twill, so I approved.  I chose the grey accents and he was lukewarm about it until I had sewn it on and then this huge grin spread across his face and he was like ‘Are they done?  Can I wear them yet?’ and I heard that at least three times a day until they were finished, funny boy! 
MrT went with the herringbone, which I love!  It's a quilting fabric from Michael Miller and is actually a perfect weight for these pants and our climate.  He picked out the green trim too.  I thought they would be a bit OTT but funnily, they are understated and just a bit edgy, which fits his style perfectly.  I decided to jazz up a plain white t-shirt and added a herringbone pocket and a piece of the green contrast fabric as detail.  It turned out well, and is now soaking due to Daddy not taking it off before eating spaghetti last night, YES, the dreaded spaghetti stain on a white t-shirt! Sigh, they are boys and it is white LOL! 
The boys had a great time putting these pants through their paces.  I love that they are so active at this age.  XMan is doing acrobatics and he was showing off on the trampoline, his older brother was trying hard to keep up but is certainly not as agile, he had us in fits of laughter.  Thankfully, nobody got hurt and the laughter and good times continued so Mummy could get her photos.
Their imaginations went into overdrive, with the boys turning into secret agents and fighting bubbles gone bad with pirate swords!!! Ok, we do love a bit of dress up at our house.  I guess their is no crime in combining characters and props in any long as you are still having fun.  MrT wore a sword to the finger and there were a few tears, smoothed over quickly by cuddles from his younger brother.  They make my heart melt with how much they love each other, all bickering aside.

The Coastal Cargos are a cracker of a pant!  And the sewing of them was made even more enjoyable by the joy my boys bring to wearing them in everyday life. 

Just a couple more photos incorporating a few of my favorite things –
The details of sewing;

Being appreciated by the loves of my life; and last but not least

The joy, love and journey of two brothers!



  1. Oh, they ARE cute pants! Well done you! Especially love the bright yellow ones :)

  2. Haha, your boys are adorable! and I love their fabric choices. You're a great Mum, and both pairs look very cool :)